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how it works


Consumers in hard to bill areas like India, Mid East and Africa are directed to an easy to use Click 2 Call WAP page where they see localized ads in their language.     Click on any image and a phone number pops up.    

Instantly Monetized

The moment that the consumer clicks Call or Send SMS the service is instantly monetized!    The Call/SMS goes to an International Premium Rate Number that connects to a local language service, most often a chat line.    

The second the call is connected or the SMS is sent you are earning!

Fast Payments

Choose to be paid Weekly or Monthly. We make payments in Euro, USD and GBP.    

Payments are made by bank wire or PayPal.   Ask about our new lower minimum payment threshold

Frequently Asked questions


How are consumers billed?

Click2Call services utilize International Premium Rate Numbers (IPRN).   Consumers pay for the services on their normal phone bills paying the standard cost to dial a long distance number.   We are paid by the international phone carrier where the calls/SMS are sent.     The phone carriers pay our company approximately 45 days end of month.    

We offer you advance payment WEEKLY or a bonus to be paid monthly when we are paid.  

How much money can I earn?

There are no limits!   Earnings vary based on the country your WAP traffic is from, the phone numbers that consumers call, and the length of time that the calls last.   On average earnings per conversion range from €0.50 to €5.00.    The instant that a call connects the carrier begins billing and your traffic is monetized.    No need to throw away traffic from countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America.

How do I see my results?

 Each account comes with a panel showing live calls and SMS received along with the revenue you have earned.   You can also setup sub-accounts if you'd like to resell the service to your clients.

Can I get API?

YES! We understand that Affiliate Plans require API and will gladly postback your revenue to you.

What is the minimum amount needed for payment?

Payments are now available with just $250/€200 of revenue.    Should your weekly or monthly earnings be below the threshold your money is carried over to the next billing period.    Smaller payments are recommended by Paypal, clients with larger earnings usually choose payment by bank wire.   

What if I have WAP traffic from many countries?

We aim to help you monetize your global WAP traffic, that often means traffic coming in from all corners of the globe.  We will give you promo links for each country to help track your results and ensure that you always promote the highest paying numbers in each individual country.    We also provide pages in multiple languages so your consumers are seeing localized services.

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